We offer simple solutions that add bottom-line value for all kinds of businesses.

About Voxxi


Everything changes and individuals, teams and businesses all need to be flexible to change to be competitive and profitable.

Voxxi is flexible enough to allow change to processes and workflows with no downtime.

From startups and not for profit organisations to medium and large organisations, Voxxi provides structure and organises data with an all-in-one collaboration platform.

This simple solutions approach streamlines work processes and immediately adds bottom-line value.

Why Voxxi?

The alternative workforce is becoming mainstream

Being able to attract and manage alternative workers is an increasingly essential part of doing business.

Even beyond “management”, organisations should be rewiring their approach to integrate, leverage, and optimise alternative workers as part of the workforce.

alternative workforce is becoming mainstream
The world of work is shifting

The world of work is shifting

Work is shifting towards an economy of increasing on-demand labour.

More and more talented people are taking up flexible, freelance, and contingent work arrangements and smart companies realise that tapping this alternate talent pool is a critical strategic enabler.

Engaging on-demand labour

Most companies lack the systems and processes that allow the engagement of on-demand labour and freelancers in a way that can scale. 

With Voxxi, every app allows you to change each step in an application individually and effortlessly at any time.

Engaging on-demand labour
Engaging freelancers

Freelance management

The Voxxi Freelance system is a way for companies to onboard, embed, manage, and off-board freelancers easily, simply and securely.

But Voxxi is far more than a pimped up HR platform.

Simple teamwork

Voxxi lets you manage work by applying automated workflows to your sales, projects, tasks and customer interactions.

Use one of hundreds of our pre-built applications from the Voxxi market, customise them or build your own any time through simple drag and drop functionality.


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