Voxxi is a drag n drop
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or build your own

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creating better solutions
creating better solutions

Drag n Drop Builder

Create a simple 3 field Application in under 11 seconds.

Adding the content into the 3 fields takes longer …

Build Anything

Choose from pre-built Business Applications
Create your own

No more working within pre-defined structures that don’t fit the way you work.
Easily create any of the following business applications and customise them to your requirements.

  • Project Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Roster Management
  • Product Planning
  • Bug Tracker
  • Org Charts
  • Investor Portfolio
  • Product Launch
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Wedding Planner
  • CRM
  • Job Hunting
  • Home Remodelling
  • Content Calendar
  • Growth Experiments
  • Brand Asset Management
  • Product Catalog
  • Blog Editorial Calendar
  • Real Estate Listings Manager
  • User research
  • CMS
  • Agile Workflow
  • Novel Planning
  • Volunteer Management
  • Event Managing
  • Contractor Time Tracker
  • Deal-flow CRM
  • Indie Film Production
  • Business Contract Management
  • Product Roadmap

What can you do with Voxxi

Project Management

Everyone’s project management needs are different. With Voxxi, you have a solution that’s completely flexible to your needs. Keep everyone on the same page with everything that matters, all in one place.

Inventory Control

Perfectly optimize tracking inventory levels across your business. Track your items, prices, locations, manufacturers, purchase orders and sales orders easily to stay on top of your stock levels.

Planning and Tracking

There is no limits to the number of Applications you can build and link together with Voxxi. It’s forever free, Try it.

Social Posts Planning

Stay on top of your social marketing and distribution of content starting from task allocation, the review process and release dates of posts. 


Every salesperson needs a good client management and customer relationship tool. Create your dream CRM with just the basics or go all the way to a full blown tracking and work related system.

Time Tracking

From a simple tasking system or a contractor time tracking, get the team contributing and with Voxxi you can add and remove field and not disturb the existing data. 

Who uses Voxxi

Creative Teams and Agencies

Simple and easy collaboration for projects and teams of all types. Manage clients and freelancers to proposals, assets and outcomes with a single platform.

Marketing and Communications

Create a single source of truth for every project, streamline your editorial calendar, centralize brand assets and product messaging snippets while coordinating launch events with ease.

Product and User Experience

Ideas become reality faster with Voxxi. UX teams are using Voxxi to coordinate launches, plan new features, organize research and stay on the same page.

Pick a View

The perfect view for each layout

Voxxi grid view

Working in sync

Structured conversations, tasks and processes in one tool brings focus and clarity to the things you have to do.

User management

Easy and quick control over access, invitations and user levels.

Voxxi’s intuitive interface makes user management a simple task. 

Simple, clear and precise

Activity with conversations for clarity.

Notifications and task assignments for everyone.

Less distractions with straight forward teamwork.

What people are saying

The world of work is shifting

Voxxi caters to the changing economy of increasing on-demand labour.

With more and more talented people taking up flexible, freelance, and contingent work arrangements Voxxi brings everyone together as a team without additional cost or hidden expenses.

Using Freelancers

The alternative workforce

Using Freelancers and on-demand labour with employees used to be an occasional thing, but not anymore.

Managing your in-house and remote workers is an increasingly essential part of doing business.

Voxxi make it easy.

Engaging freelancers

Engaging freelancers

Most companies lack the systems and processes that allow the engagement of on-demand labour and freelancers in a way that can scale.

Voxxi simple approach will make you wonder why you have not been using it before now. 

alternative workforce

Adopting a new approach

Bring your workforce together with Voxxi, because a lot of the people you need to get your work done are working this way.

Many businesses are rewiring their approach to integrate, leverage, and optimise alternative workers with Voxxi, join us today, its free

Populate & Interact

  • Quickly add content to the  templates.
  • Assign work to your team
  • Create delivery dates
  • Interactive feedback
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